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Dear Familonet Fellows,

we’re very excited to announce that we’ve launched Familonet 2! Finally you can create multiple groups and invite members by their telephone number. Download the brand new version on the App Stores. For detailed information, also read the post about “Our top 3 insights which led to Familonet 2”.

Create multiple groups with Familonet

We’re taking FAMILO to the next level! Based on youroverview_screen_circle
feedback, we’ve been working on an update the last couple of months. So today we proudly present to you the feature, that most of you have been asking for: the possibility to create multiple groups! Because it’s not always families with kids, who use FAMILO in order to coordinate their everyday life and simplify communication, but also couples, friends or flat mates. Thanks to our latest update, it’s now even easier for you to integrate Familonet into your daily routine – no need to decide, with whom you want to use the app. Just create a group for any community and occasion you like and for example find out, who of your friends arrived at the cinema first by spontaneously inviting them to Familonet.


Invitation via address book


To help you with creating more groups and inviting new people, we also came up with a second improvement: You no longer need the e-mail address of the person you want to invite. Instead, you can simply add new group members with one tab by selecting their phone number from your address book.

To sum it up, FAMILO 2 is much more intuitive and therefore much easier to use than before. Try it out and let us know what you think. As always, your feedback is very welcome!

If you are interested in more detailed information on the product development and our motivation for Familonet 2, don’t miss the blog post of Familonet’s co-founder and CPO Michael Asshauer!

Enjoy FAMILO 2!


Co-Founder & CEO


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