Familo Locator App’s new partnership with Deutsche Telekom


Happy Friday, my fellow FAMILOs,

the weekend is almost here. But before we switch off the lights in our cozy office in Hamburg I am excited to share some fantastic news with you!

We are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Deutsche Telekom (DT) to break some new ground in adding relevant business partners for our growing company.

Both Deutsche Telekom and us focus on connecting different people, especially family members. We share the same vision to unite every single member of everyone’s family in one digital place – that’s why we make such a great fit.

Let me tell you how the cooperation exactly looks like: Telekom is launching the brand new Telekom Tablet which will be available in your trusted Telekom shop from October. It is super user friendly and can therefore basically be used by everyone in your family. DT has selected and pre-installed a few apps from different categories important for your everyday life. Familonet Locator is integrated in the “Family” category and will therefore be available on every single Telekom Tablet sold. And we have even more good news for you: If you are a Telekom customer, you can purchase the Tablet for as little as 49€.

Familonet Locator Deutsche Telekom

Screenshot of the new Telekom tablet


Another milestone in expanding our user base and making Familonet Locator available for even more people.

With more than 750.000 users the FAMILO community is growing faster than ever and we are positive to hit the 1 million user mark until the end of this year.

As already mentioned in my last post we are soon launching a set of brand new features to make your everyday life even more easy and fun. So stay tuned and as excited as we are!

On a personal note, I want to say thanks to Deutsche Telekom for being a very great partner and to the whole Familonet team for making these awesome developments possible. And last but not least thanks to you guys for supporting the Familonet Locator!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend and a good start into a new productive week!

Best wishes from Hamburg,

Hauke Windmüller
Co-Founder and CEO

2 comments on Familo Locator App’s new partnership with Deutsche Telekom

  1. rasone says:

    Nice apps.. i would be interested if the app available in watch which can be wear by infant or children.

  2. raiola says:

    Ich bin sehr glücklich zu sehen und zu hören, dass es neue Innovationen wirklich gerne

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