FAMILO App reaches 1 Mio. users

Dear FAMILO fellows, 2015 was a very successful year for FAMILO dominated by massive growth: We reached the magic mark of one million registered users and are now available in 11 languages. This development brought us a big step closer to our vision: millions of families, couples and groups of friends, colleagues or roommates all over the world using our location sharing technology to simplify their daily communication.


FAMILO 1 million user graph

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Familonet 2 – the new Family & Friends Location Messenger


Dear Familonet Fellows,

we’re very excited to announce that we’ve launched Familonet 2! Finally you can create multiple groups and invite members by their telephone number. Download the brand new version on the App Stores. For detailed information, also read the post about “Our top 3 insights which led to Familonet 2”.

Create multiple groups with Familonet

We’re taking FAMILO to the next level! Based on youroverview_screen_circle
feedback, we’ve been working on an update the last couple of months. So today we proudly present to you the feature, that most of you have been asking for: the possibility to create multiple groups! Because it’s not always families with kids, who use FAMILO in order to coordinate their everyday life and simplify communication, but also couples, friends or flat mates. Thanks to our latest update, it’s now even easier for you to integrate Familonet into your daily routine – no need to decide, with whom you want to use the app. Just create a group for any community and occasion you like and for example find out, who of your friends arrived at the cinema first by spontaneously inviting them to Familonet.


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Our top 3 insights that led to Familonet 2 Locator

The day towards which the entire FAMILO team has been working for the last months has finally come. We’re so proud to introduce our newest baby to the world: Familonet Locator 2, here we go! But how did we actually come up with the ideas and improvements for this milestone? Let me share with you our top 3 company insights that led to FAMILO 2.

What happened so far

The FAMILO Locator has been online for two years now. So far, feedback and requests from our 900k global users have driven our development sprints. By fine-tuning features like Intelligent Places, Real-time Location Sharing, as well as Chat Messaging, we massively increased our KPIs like user activity, engagement, and retention. FAMILO truly has become a home screen app for our users, who have joined groups with their family members. Currently, an average daily user opens the FAMILO app 4 times/day for nearly 40 seconds per session. They perform 40 actions on FAMILO every week–this has increased from an average of 10. Ask yourself: which apps do you use that frequently?

#1: Users want to share their location with other groups too

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FAMILO App is heading into the market of Connected Car App

familonet as connected car app

Group view in mySPIN

Just one week after announcing our cooperation with Deutsche Telekom I’m very proud to tell you about our latest partnership with another international player: From now on the automotive supplier Bosch and FAMILO make common cause with each other! Our family location sharing app will be available as a connected car app worldwide on Bosch’s smartphone integration for cars – mySPIN.

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Familo Locator App’s new partnership with Deutsche Telekom


Happy Friday, my fellow FAMILOs,

the weekend is almost here. But before we switch off the lights in our cozy office in Hamburg I am excited to share some fantastic news with you!

We are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Deutsche Telekom (DT) to break some new ground in adding relevant business partners for our growing company.

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